Dean’s welcome

Warm Greeting,

On a good and full of blessings occasion, I invite all academicians to offer praise and gratitude to the presence of God Almighty, because of the blessings of His mercy and grace we are guided in kindness and always be in healthy conditions.

FEB has been a part of UPB since the founding of UPB as a merger of STIE Pelita Bangsa and STT Pelita Bangsa , FEB UPB has faced and passed many challenges, but still can position itself as a faculty of economics and business that the people of Bekasi are proud of.

The Faculty of Economics and Business is committed to advancing and developing education, especially in the fields of economics and business, as well as developing the best research in indonesia.

Becoming a well-kown business school that is reckoned with in the internasional arena is certainly the goal of FEB UPB. All activities are aimed at improvement, we want to listen to inputs from all stakeholders so that FEB UPB can continue to improve itself in serving the wider community and contribute to the progress of the nation in forming a civil society.

Best Regards

Dr. Preatmi Nurastuti, S.E.,M.M